The feasibility of feeding high levels of whey silage and effects on production in growing cattle

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J. Anim. & vet. Advances



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Two studies were conducted with the objective of evaluating the feasibility of using whey ensiled with wheat straw and wheat middlings (whey silage), fed at 98% of the diet and determine the levels of production that can be obtained by feeding it to growing cattle. In each study, the control diets contained a diet comprising of wheat middlings, alfalfa hay and corn silage and were isocaloric with the whey silage diets. The average daily gains and feed efficiencies of cattle fed on the whey silage diets were similar (P>0.05) to the control diets. However, in the second study, dry matter intake was reduced (P<0.05) in animals fed the whey silage diet compared to the control. Whey silage can be included at 98% of the total diet with no adverse effects on gain and feed efficiency. This study provides cattle producers with low cost feeding options that use crop residues and agricultural by products such as whey which can be ensiled and fed to growing cattle.

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