Single-Dose Intranasal Administration With mDEF201 (Adenovirus Vectored Mouse Interferon-Alpha) Confers Protection From Mortality in a Lethal SARS-CoV BALB/c Mouse Model

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Single-dose intranasaladministration with mDEF201 (adenovirus vectored mouse interferon-alpha) confersprotection from mortality in a lethal SARS-CoV BALB/c mouse model



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Interferons (IFNs) are a first line of defense against viral infection. Herein we describe the use of an adenovirus vectored mouse IFN alpha gene (mDEF201) as a prophylactic and treatment countermeasure in a SARS-CoV-infected BALB/c mouse model. Complete survival protection was observed in mice given a single dose of mDEF201 administered intranasally 1, 3, 5, 7, or 14 days prior to lethal SARS-CoV challenge (p < 0.001), and body weights of these treated mice were unaffected by the challenge. In addition, low doses of mDEF201 protected lungs in a dose dependent manner as measured by a reduction in gross pathology. Intranasal treatment with mDEF201 ranging from 106 to 108 PFU significantly protected mice against a lethal SARS-CoV infection in a dose dependent manner up to 12 h post infection (p < 0.001). The data suggest that mDEF201 is a new class of antiviral agent further development as treatment for SARS-CoV infections.


Antiviral Res. 89:75-82. PMID: 21093489