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Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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FR901533 (1, also known as WS79089B), WS79089A (2), and WS79089C (3) are polycyclic aromatic natural products with promising inhibitory activity to endothelin-converting enzymes. In this work, we isolated five tridecaketide products from Streptosporangium roseum No. 79089, including 1-3, benaphthamycin (4) and a novel FR901533 analogue (5). The structure of 5 was characterized based on spectroscopic data. Compared to the major product 2, the new compound 5 has an additional hydroxyl group at C-12 and an extra methyl group at the 13-OH. The configuration of C-19 of these compounds was determined to be R using Mosher's method. A putative biosynthetic gene cluster for compounds 1-5 was discovered by analyzing the genome of S. roseum No. 79089. This 38.6-kb gene cluster contains 38 open reading frames, including a minimal polyketide synthase (wsaA-C), an aromatase (wsaD), three cyclases (wsaE, F and W) and a series of tailoring enzymes such as monooxygenases (wsaO1-O7) and methyltransferases (wsaM1 and M2). Disruption of the ketosynthase gene (wsaA) in this gene cluster abolished the production of 1-5, confirming that this gene cluster is indeed responsible for the biosynthesis of 1-5. A type II polyketide biosynthetic pathway was proposed for this group of natural endothelin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

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