Soil Remediation Techniques at Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Sites

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Journal Air & Waste Management Association

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The objective of this critical review is to address soil remediation techniques at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites with regard to the following areas: 1) important regulatory and technical issues and information needs concerning soil remediation at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites; 2) approaches for selection of remediation techniques; and 3) the current state of knowledge regarding soil remediation techniques, including applications and limitations. The areas identified above are addressed with regard to current information, selected milestone publications, and specific applications of technologies to provide a synthesis of the topic.

The information concerning current issues, approaches, and soil remediation techniques presented was critically reviewed in order to: 1) identify deficiencies in current approaches; 2) develop a conceptual framework for remediation; and 3) recommend improved approaches for selection of remediation technologies.

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