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Wednesday, August 21st
12:00 AM

Improved Low-Noise Cryogenic Transimpedance Amplifier

James E. Proctor, Jung Research and Development Corp.
Timothy M. Jung, Jung Research and Development Corp.
Solomon I. Woods, National Institute of Standards and Technology

12:00 AM

Palette / Sensor Performance Monitoring (SPM)

Christopher Hammond, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

12:00 AM

SNPP VIIRS Emissive Bands Calibration Assessed via a CrIS-VIIRS Data Comparison

Boryana Efremova, Sigma Space Corporation
Jeff McIntire, Sigma Space Corporation
Thomas Schwarting, Sigma Space Corporation
Aisheng Wu, Sigma Space Corporation
Sergey Gusev, Sigma Space Corporation
Xiaoxiong Xiong, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

12:00 AM

Uncertainty of In-Situ Calibration and Commissioning of Uniform Source Systems in the Field

Chris Durell, Labsphere, Inc.
Joe Jablonski, Labsphere, Inc.
Tim Smith, Labsphere, Inc.

12:00 AM