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Aging-Associated Changes in Motor Function Are Ovarian Somatic Tissue-Dependent, but Berm Cell and Estradiol Independent in Post-Reproductive Female Mice Exposed to Young Ovarian Tissue, Tracy L. Habermehl, Kaden B. Underwood, Kevin D. Welch, Steven P. Gawrys, Kate C. Parkinson, Augusto Schneider, Michal M. Masternak, and Jeffrey Mason; GeroScience



Developmental and Molecular Changes Underlying the Vernalization-Induced Transition to Flowering in Aquilegia coerulea (James), Bharti Sharma, Timothy A. Batz, Rakesh Kaundal, Elena M. Kramer, Uriah R. Sanders, Valerie J. Mellano, Naveen Duhan, and Rousselene B. Larson; Genes



Cell Death as a Trigger for Morphogenesis, Boris Aguilar, Ahmadreza Ghaffarizadeh, Christopher D. Johnson, Gregory J. Podgorski, Ilya Shmulevich, and Nicholas S. Flann; PLoS ONE