Cochlear Implant Recipients: Device Selection Preferences and Experiences

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Perspectives of Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Children



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Cochlear implants can provide benefit for many deaf and hard of hearing individuals. When candidacy for implantation is determined, recipients are often responsible for selecting the manufacturer of their own cochlear implant. Recipients may, however, encounter various challenges in the selection process, due to the complexity of information and lack of standardization for patient education. This study explored the experiences of cochlear implant recipients with the selection process, including influential factors in their selection, their commitment to the implant, and their post-implantation perceptions. Eighty recipients who had received their implant within the last 12 months completed an online survey. Results of the survey revealed that a wide range of factors influenced selection, that most recipients chose a device without direct recommendations from their audiologist, and that many would have preferred to receive advice from their cochlear implant center in the selection of the device manufacturer.

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