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This is all course material for R for Researchers, a one-credit course taught at UNC Chapel Hill in Fall 2019 to introduce upperclassmen and graduate students to the R programming language and apply learned skills in basic water resources applications, as well as other (semi-related) topics of interest to students.

Lecture notes were distributed before (as a subset of full lecture notes) and after lectures, and lectures involved collaborative coding exercises with students in class without any powerpoint material. Course material here includes:

Syllabus: rough schedule and description of lectures

Lectures: pdf lecture notes with embedded code, including R scripts to reproduce them, which include practice exercises. Not all lectures in syllabus were given and the notes not provided

Assignments: two assignments given to students, one on programming basics and one on water resources and general data analysis applications

Data: to accompany lectures and assignments

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Assignments, data, and lectures