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UPEL AMPED team published a paper, titled ‘Active balancing system for electric vehicles with incorporated low voltage bus’, at APEC, the annual conference for Applied Power Electronics and Exposition. AMPED team comprises graduate students Muhammad Muneeb, Kelly Hathaway, Post-doc researcher Michael Evzelman, and Prof. Regan Zane. The work highlights research in control of power converters associated with the battery management system (BMS) in order to improve battery pack lifetime and reduce cost and weight. This paper presented an architecture that uses modular dc-dc bypass converters to perform active battery cell balancing and to supply current to auxiliary loads, eliminating the need for a separate HV-to- LV high step-down dc-dc converter in electric vehicles. The modular architecture, which achieves continuous balancing of all cells, can be used with an arbitrary number of cells in series, requires no control communications between converters, and naturally shares the auxiliary load current according to the relative state-of-charge (SOC) and capacities of the battery cells. This will yield improved performance and actively balance all cells so that they will degrade uniformly to the end of their life. These capabilities have the potential to significantly reduce initial battery pack cost and weight and increase the value of the battery pack for second use applications.


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UPEL Students Awarded Best Poster at APEC 2014 | Utah State University Power Electronics Lab

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