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Outdoor recreation within Utah is managed and provided through a patchwork of federal and state agencies as well as county and municipal governments. Each of these entities manages outdoor recreation following different mandates and internal objectives. Rarely has there been an opportunity for representatives from federal, state, county, and local governments to sit down, discuss the long-standing and emerging challenges they face, and collectively develop ideas about how to work towards less-disparate and more aligned outdoor recreation management systems. In late 2022 and early 2023, we convened hundreds of land managers, outdoor recreation and tourism professionals, and elected officials across 14 workshops to do just that. The goals of the workshops were to: 1) facilitate a discussion about the threats to, and opportunities for, outdoor recreation within different regions of the state; and 2) use the identified threats and opportunities to solicit input on region-specific outdoor recreation policy, program, and project needs. Information gather through the workshop process was also used to identify outdoor recreation policy, program, and project needs common throughout the state. The common needs identified in the regional workshops directly informed the development of the objectives of Utah's Outdoor Recreation Strategic Plan - a guiding document intended to improve outdoor recreation opportunities and support the alignment of policy and management actions across the many outdoor recreation providers within the state. The purpose of this report is to document the collaborative process for engaging stakeholders in the development of the objectives of Utah's Outdoor Recreation Strategic Plan and to detail the findings generated from the process.