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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Paul J. Barr


Paul J. Barr


Joseph A. Caliendo


Marvin W. Halling


The section of highway over the 400 South roadway in Orem, Utah is made up of two separate three span bridges. The bridges were originally constructed in 1960 and were expanded in 2004 to accommodate for one extra lane per bridge. During the fall of 2012 both bridges were scheduled for demolition and four girders were salvaged from the southernmost span of the 2004 expansion. These girders were transported to the Structural Materials And Systems Health Lab (SMASH Lab) where a series of tests were performed to determine the prestressing losses, flexural, shear, and shear-flexure capacity of the girders. The results of these tests were compared to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Load Resistance Factored Design (AASHTO LRFD) Bridge Design Specifications and an ANSYS Finite Element model. For all test results the AASHTO Bridge Design was conservative for each test setup and was able to predict the type of failure that occurred. The finite element model was developed for the four test conditions and calibrated so as to accurately represent test data. The calibrations were compared to actual tested material properties to determine the difference between the theoretical model and the girders. (120 pages)



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