Lewis Harding

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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


William E. Mortimer


Industrial Arts is a modern-day school subject which has grown rapidly in the last four decades. At the present time it holds a very important place in the curriculum of the modern school. Throughout the period of this growth, from its first adoption into the American public schhol system in 1880, until the present time, its objectives or aims have underfone continual change. During the early period after it was first accepted in the United States, its aims were of a practical nature and it was supposed to give vocational training. At the present time leaders are striving to have industrial arts considered as an important part of general education. The puroses of this study are: 1. To determine what the certification requirements should be for Industrial Arts teachers of Utah. 2. To determine the qualifications of these teachers in respect to both the present certification standards and the standards established through the above paragraphs. 3. To determine the probably causes of any weaknesses which ight be discovered in the training of these teachers. 4. To recommend procedures whereby any such weaknesses might be strenghened. 5. To present a picture of the "average" Utah Industrial Arts teacher and to compare him with the "average" Industrial Arts teacher in states wehre studies of a similar nature have been completed.