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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Joseph A. Geddes


Joseph A. Geddes


Riding the crest of the torrent of verbal altruism which flooded in the New Deal came a malnurtured little fellow, the consumer-the same timid, mistreated, gullible little fellow with the battered derby hat whom cartoonists have so aptly pictured on the stool peering meekly over the counter at the big bruiser, the producer, who stood behind it. Put now he was to be such rejuvenated personage. The hair shirt in which one writer has so smartly dressed him was to be miraculously transformed into finest armor of an impregnable protective allogy which was to be composed of nemerous ethical abstractions. Prominent among these was to be thorough education as to his enemies' methods of attack and manners of exploitation, which was to include insturction in the arts and practies of the skull-duggery of advertising, which is perhaps the most effective weapon of his adversary.



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