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C. Blythe Ahlstrom


As the railroad and mining industries brought non- Mormon settlers into the territory of Utah, a conflict developed which led to the creation of a separate system of education by the Protestant newcomers. Their purposes were to provide a quality education for their own children free from Harmon influence and to convert children of Mormon families. The Presbyterian Church led in the creation of graded schools from elementary, through secondary, and culminating in the Sheldon Jackson College in Salt Lake City.

As public schools were established. the mission schools were closed, except for Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant and Sheldon Jackson College. renamed Westminster in 1902.

The First World War forced Westminster to limit its offerings to t he first two years of college. In 1945. a four-year senior college program was introduced and the campus was enlarged. Affiliated with three Protestant denominations, Westminster continues to serve the needs or a changing society, a positive asset to Salt Lake City and its hinterland .

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