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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources


William T. Helm


A curvilinear regression model was used to determine an expected stomach capacity for any size Bear Lake sculpin with a standard length between 4-9.5 centimeters. Stomach contents were then expressed as a percent fullness and the change in percent fullness with time intervals was used to compute an instantaneous digestion rate. The instantaneous consumption rate was computed by the formula C=log P1-log P0 +d, where C=instantaneous consumption rate. The amount of food consumed during a time interval was computed from the formula It=CtSt, where It=amount of food ingested during a time interval expressed in percent fullness of stomach. The 24 hour consumption rate was computed by summing the consumption rates for 4 consecutive time intervals of 6 hours each.

Studies in September, December, and May give instantaneous digestion rates of -.424, -.214, and -.235 and total food consumption rates of 22.2, 10.2, and 6.1 percent of stomach capacity for each individual fish in the population.



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