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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Special Education


Robert G. Publicover


A survey was made of the graduates of an educationally -oriented church-sponsored foster home placement agency . The subjects for the study had been graduated from high schools in Idaho, Arizona, Canada, and throughout Utah. There were 235 students graduated during the period 1954-1967 . The survey of these subjects was made by the use of the mailed questionnaire method. Responses were received from 165 (70 . 21 percent) of the subjects.

The investigator was searching for modal patterns of behavior among the graduates. Some significant trends seem to be emerging in their post-high school activities. Implications for future studies of the culturally disadvantaged are evident as a result of the study.

The subjects of this study appear to be preparing themselves to become more self-reliant in their own culture and functional in the dominant culture. The accomplishments of the respondents compare favorably with those of their contemporaries of the non-Indian population.