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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling

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Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Thomas S. Higbee


Thomas S. Higbee


Tyra P. Sellers


Melanie R. Dawson


Delays in communication are one of the defining characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Educators have begun using technology to teach students with ASD to label different items. However, more research needs to be conducted with technology (such as iPads and other tablets) to find the most effective teaching procedures. We wanted to find the most effective way to teach children with ASD age-appropriate action verbs, such as drawing and painting. Five preschool-aged students with ASD participated in this study. We taught these participants to label action verbs using pictures and short video clips, to test which method was the most effective. With two of the five participants, we wanted to see if the action verbs we taught as pictures generalized to video clips, and vice versa. With these same two participants, we asked if they remembered all of the verbs two weeks later, to see if the skill maintained. At the end of the study, we conducted an assessment with the participants to see if they preferred learning action verbs with pictures or video clips. The results show that all of the preschoolers with ASD learned to identify verbs both as pictures and video clips.