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Whole kernels of four cultivars of milled rice were treated under different conditions according to our traditional methods such as boiling, steaming, autoclaving or roasting with sand. During the vari ous processing conditions, the moisture contents of the kernel , heating temperatures, pressures and heating times were varied. In this paper, the physicochemical properties of those processed samples were investigated and compared.

Based on degree of gelatinization , water absorption index , water solubility index , swelling power, viscoamylograms and X-ray diffraction patterns, the propenies of waxy rice samples arc different from that of non -waxy rice samples. They are also different even among the non-waxy rice samples. Besides , each processed sample under diverse treatments has its own properties. In boiled samples, the starch granules almost gelatinized to form a film-like gel substance, whereas in othe r processed samples, ungelatinized starch granules were noticeable.

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