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Fluorescence microscopy was used to determine the location of B- glucans in sorghum. Sections from three genetically different sorghum cultivars were stained with Calcofluor or Congo Red , fluorochromes which have been reported to react with 13-glucans. Autofluorescence, indicative of ferulic acid in other cereals, was observed in untreated sections. When stained sections were treated with endo -B-glucanase , fluorescence was reduced or entirely eliminated in pericarp, aleurone and endosperm cell walls. 13-Glucans were i so lated from the endosperm of three sorghum cultivars. When reacted with the two dyes, Calcofluoror Congo Red , precipitates formed immediately, a reaction which is similar to that produced by mixed linkage B-glucans from other cereals.

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