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Two commercial lots of calcium caseinate preparations differing in performance imitation cheese were analyzed for various characteristics. A imitation process cheese manufacturing classified the caseinates as good or poor based on appearances of the finished cheese, emulsification of fat, oiling-off during sheeting and melting properties. The sample which exhibited good functional properties in imitation cheese, had slightly higher calcium (16.4 mg/g protein), non-casein protein (2.87%) and y-casein contents, a higher formal titre (8.95 mg free amino N/g protein), lower water absorption (138 mg/100 g protein), and lower stability to added calcium (8.0 min) than did the other sample (14.6 mg/g, 1.66%, 8.02 mg/g, 129 mg/100 g, and 15 min, respectively), which was described as having poor functionality according to the criteria of the imitation cheese producer.

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