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Release of mucilage from yellow mustard (brassica hirta, also known as Sinapis alba) seed coats (hulls) was studied by optical and scanning electron microscopy. Micrographs were obtained of the mucilage which had exuded from briefly moistened seeds and dried subsequently in the form of small droplets on the seed surface.

The mucilage collected from the seed surface and mucilage isolated on a larger scale from seed hulls was hydrolyzed with sulfuric acid and the hydrolyzates were analyzed for sugar composition. Galactose, glucose, and galacturonic acid were found to be major components and mannose, arabinose, xylose, and rhamnose were minor components. Individual neutral monosaccharides were identified by paper chromatography, and paper electrophoresis, and finally quantitated by gas-liquid chromatography and characterized by combined gas-liquid chromatography chemical-ionization mass-spectrometry of the derived alditol acetates. Mucilage from both sources was found to be identical.

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