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Two experiments comparing microscopic analyses were performed using two cooking methods an:t two different muscles from both chickens and turkeys. In the first experiment, breast (pectoralis) and thigh (quadriceps) muscle taken from male and female Rhode Island Red chickens at three ages (10 weeks, 25 weeks and 52 weeks) were cooked in a microwave oven . Samples were collected for observation with brightfield, phase contrast, interference contrast (Nomarski) and transmission electron microscopy. Samples from the same muscle areas were provided for taste pane l evaluation . In the second experiment, breast and thigh samples were collected from 10-week old male and female turkeys with one control sample uncooked while duplicate samples we re cooked via a dry heat convection oven . Samples from the same muscle areas were taken for microscopic analyses, taste panel evaluation and shear press analysis. A decrease in sarcomerelength and an increase in Z-disc f r agmentation were no ted in breast and thigh muscles with both cooking methods. Results indicated that type of microscopy (and the ancillary tissue preparative techniques used) significantly affected the morphometrical data. Using similar muscle samples , brightfield microscopy of paraffin sections resulted in significantly shorter (P

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