Food Structure


B. E. Brooker


X-ray microanalysis was used to compare the elemental composition of isolated cocoa solids with milk powder. Whereas mllk powder contained similar high levels of calcium and potassium, cocoa sol ids were rich in potassium but contained very small amounts of calcium.

This difference in elemental composition allowed the two populations of particles to be distinguished in digital X-ray maps of frozen and fractured samples of plain , milk and white chocolates examined by cryo-scanning electron microscopy. The size distributions of particles imaged in this way were determined using standard software and were used to distinguish between two white chocolates whose particle reduction (refining) parameters during processing were different.

This technique offers the possibility of studying P_article interactions during processing and the influence. of shape, size and spatial distribution of milk and cocoa solids on the rheology and mechanical properties of chocolate without destroying its normal structure .

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