Food Structure


The size of flake-cut meat is an Important quality determinant of comminuted meat products which. potentially. depends upon a large number of factors. Temperature and whether or not the meat is pre-broken have a major Influence on the resulting particle size distribution, as does aperture size. Meat flaked at -7'C produced two to three times more flakes than at -3' C. Under some conditions the particles produced were as little as 0.4 mm thick and characteristically were thicker at one end.

High speed photography, used to visualise the cutting action. Indicated that size reduction occurs In a controlled manner providing that the meat ts neither too cold . nor too warm. Above -1 C the meat merely deforms rather than being cut.

Single. discrete particles. examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and cryoSEM. unexpectedly did not exhibit the usual features of cleanly-cut meat. The lack of ultrastructural detail was attributed to a smearing of sarcoplasmic fluid produced by a localised. transient rise In temperature during flaking.

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