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This review considers the research relating to the formation of non-biological haze in beer. The basic information regarding mutual interactions of haze-causing substances with precipitating, enzymatic, and adsorptive stabilizers of beer is discu ssed. The main haze-causing compounds in beer are polypeptides and polyphenols. To reduce the levels of these compounds in beer, adsorptive stabilizing agents are usually used during filt ration. Electron microscopy and methods measuring the surface and dimensions of adsorbent particles and the volumes and diameters of their pores make it possible to assess morphological properties and suitability of the stabilizers for beer filtration. Determination of the sorptive effectiveness, the flow characteristics, and the wet volume secure a more comprehensive quality evaluation.

Information on morphological, sorptive, and filtering properties including structure as visualized by electron microscopy is presented on new types of polymeric sorbents developed in the author's laboratory to be active against beer polyphenols.

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