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Pollution is a major issue in China effecting both the health and environment of the Chinese people. Since its rapid rise in economic and technological development, China has become one of the global leaders in business and technology. Conversely, China has also become one of the global leaders in the amount of pollution it creates. Every day, large amounts of coal and fossil fuels are burned. There are few regulations to protect the environment, and even fewer that are actually enforced. High levels of pollution cause high rates of cancer as well as high rates of lung and heart issues among its citizens. The young and the old are especially vulnerable. Additionally, it does not just negatively impact its own country. The pollution that China produces effect not only itself, but countries and people in the rest of Asia, as well as in the rest of the world. However, when environmental protection is brought up, there is some controversy surrounding it. Will they have to trade environmental protection in place of economic development? This paper examines how the two go hand in hand.

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environment, health, pollution, economic growth


Veterinary Medicine

The Impact of China's Recent Economic Growth Has Had On the Environment: Challenging the Assumption That in Order to Protect the Environment We Must Sacrifice Development.