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Many college students listen to music. Many say that it helps them focus on their schoolwork and helps them retain knowledge. When I started this research, I wanted to find ways for me to help focus on my schoolwork. I get distracted easily and find joy when I listen to some kinds of music. Does music help you focus? Does it depend on the type of music, or can it be any type? Does it work for everyone? Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. For this study, I also performed my own personal study where I listened to different kinds of music while I studied and did homework. Based off this research, I found that it depends on the persons personality, the type of music they like, and whether it helps them focus or cause distraction. The audience for this research is centered on college students but can be related to any student. In conclusion, I found that is just depends on the person and what they like and the way their brain focuses on tasks. There is not one answer to this research question, but to find out for yourself if listening to music is good or bad for you while studying.

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distraction, music, schoolwork, studying


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Listening to Music While Studying, Does It Help or Not?