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College students have an important choice to make as they start their journey in academia: What should major in? When looking at the different fields of study we often look at what we enjoy as well as what we can see ourselves doing beyond our college years. As a student myself, I have been struggling with this decision of what my focus of study should be. By researching my main choices I have been able to gain a better understanding of what I personally want to study here at Utah State University.Research was conducted by viewing primary and secondary articles through various internet sources, scholarly articles, and personal interviews I have been able to find data thing such as the study environment, work type, average pay, etc. This data was able to help me narrow my field down to graphic design. This project will illustrate why I feel this course of action fits my personality.

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Logan, UT


college students, graphic design, major choice, Utah State University


Arts and Humanities

My Journey in Choosing a Major