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This volume reports on a series of investigations in the Dolores River canyon and the western Sagehen Flats area of the Dolores Project. Included in the collection are an overview of the Grass Mesa Locality (with summary of Dolores Archaeological Program systematics), the results of the 1979-1980 Grass Mesa Locality Testing Program, and 6 site reports that describe excavations undertaken between 1979 and 1983. The excavated sites reported include: (1) LeMoc Shelter (5MT2151), which exposed 5 Anasazi occupations between A.D. 750 and 950; (2) Prince Hamlet (5MT2161), a Pueblo I habitation occupied between A.D. 720-840; (3) Hamlet de la Ofla (5MT2181), with a primary occupation between A.D. 780 and 810 and a later field house manifestation; (4) Kin Hush (5MT2336), with multiple occupations assigned to the A.D. 760-850, A.D. 850-975, and A.D. 1050-1200 periods; (5) Pozo Hamlet (5MT4613), a pithouse and associated features with construction traits of both Basketmaker III and Pueblo I periods between A.D. 600 and 780; and (6) Poco Tiempo (5MT2378), a Basketmaker III site dating between A.D. 690 and 730.


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