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Lawrence Culver


Lawrence Culver


Christopher Conte


Mark Larese-Casanova


CCC experiences have been written about other camps and areas across the United States, however, an in depth look at the CCC involvement in Zion and Bryce has not been attempted. The CCC camps in Zion and Bryce created a mark on the landscape through the projects and improvements, but also left a mark on the “boys” who were in the program. The experiences and projects the young men did with the CCC altered the land in the parks in southern Utah. The changes included new or improved trail systems in the park, better roads and maintenance, soil and erosion control along the Virgin River in Zion, and campgrounds in both parks. Zion National Park benefitted with the construction of the lecture circle for presentations at the park and the maintenance of trails. Bryce Canyon National Park benefitted through observation points and trails in the park. Their experiences and recollections of the CCC were a welcome chance at an income source for both the “boys” and their families. Oral histories are a unique and interesting way to gather information and experiences about a certain area or time-period. This project used oral histories, collected at a CCC reunion in 1989, to describe the landscape of the parks in southern Utah. Understanding CCC projects and experiences in Utah contributes to the larger picture of how and why the CCC was such a successful and beneficial program for the United States.