Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Blake P. Tullis


Blake P. Tullis


Wade Goodridge


David Rosenberg


Labyrinth weirs are frequently used to control flow in spillways. Arced labyrinth weirs have been developed and researched in an effort to pass additional flow. Arced labyrinth weirs are more efficient than labyrinth weirs due to their increased length and improved approach flow conditions. In the past research has been done to develop discharge coefficients, Cd, values for arced labyrinth weirs with varying sidewalls angles (a=6°, 12°, and 20°). The Cd data that has been developed can only be used for those specific geometries tested. The purpose of this study was to develop Cd data for an arced labyrinth weir with a sidewall angle of 16 degrees. Baseline Cd values for a 16-degree arced labyrinth weir with a cycle arc angle of 10 degrees were developed. However, due to uncertainties in the data, further research should be done before these Cd values are used in design.