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Master of Science (MS)



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Beth Buyserie


Beth Buyserie


Jessica River-Mueller


Sonia Manuel-Dupont


Translingualism includes 1. appreciating how people use language differences to produce meaning, 2. recognizing that all language is fluid, and 3. helping students and teachers question standard language ideology. Translingual pedagogy should be process-oriented rather than product-focused. Instead of focusing on the writing product matching or not matching the standard, translingual pedagogy should focus on questioning standard language ideology and being more flexible in our language beliefs. Additionally, most scholarship surrounding translingualism has focused on the multilingual community. This thesis expands on the scholarship by asking how translingual pedagogy must shift in a primarily white monolingual classroom. Also included is documentation of the development and implementation of a translingual curriculum in a Utah State University composition class. Discussion includes translingual assignments, how to teach composition concepts through a translingual lens, and some common challenges in this process. The hope is this document can help new teachers learn what translingualism is and how they can apply it in a composition classroom.