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Substantial numbers of the workers potential to the labor force-- especially those in the disadvantaged sector of the population--will require remedial and/or refresher job training in a wide range of occupations.1

The Manpower Stenographic Training Program is a secretarial training course designed to enable female unemployed primary wage earners and heads of households to obtain this remedial and/or refresher job training necessary for entry-level positions in office occupations. Similar programs have operated at Utah State University since 1967 under the Manpower Development Training Act of 1962. The act was signed into law when Congress officially recognized the problem of a rapidly expanding and inexperienced labor force and realized that a large-scale training program was necessary.

The instructional objectives outlined for these programs are:

1. To prepare the trainees to reach a level of performance necessary to meet entry requirements of employers for the following activities: typewriting, related clerical duties including copying, tabulating, computing, recording, handing cash, and operating dictating, duplicating, and calculating machines.

2. To give trainees with adequate background and aptitude an opportunity to learn shorthand so they may take dictation and transcribe it in an acceptable manner.

3. To provide a variety of options to the trainees to allow for training to the employable level in related occupations such as general office clerk, clerk typist, bookkeeper, office machines operator, and file clerk.

4. To give trainees an appreciation for good human relations and techniques for enhancing interpersonal relations with others.

5. to develop in the trainees as a result of intensive and continuous counseling a self-concept which will provide them with the confidence to accept challenging assignments and complete them in a competent manner.

6. To give the trainees an appreciation of the world of work and expectations of respective employers via cooperative work experience programs to allow them to apply the various skills they have acquired in the classroom.2

At present, the Manpower Stenographic Training Program operates year round on an open-entry, open-exit basis. The majority of the instruction is programmed individually and tailored to meet the students' needs. Thus, students progress at their own rate and may attend the program as long as is needed or to a maximum of nine months.