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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation


Irrigation plays a major role in Utah and other arid regions of the West. Canals transporting water from lakes, rivers and reservoires have converted millions of acres of marginal land to rich productive sites and are the lifeblood of western agriculture. These canals are common ingredient in the landscape and life styles of most communities of the state. Cache valley, Utah is one example of an area which has flourished with the use of irrigation canals diverted from the Logan River.

The growth of urban populations and demand for outdoor activities has created need for more local parks and recreation. Time and travel restrictions have led both adults and children alike to seek leisure activities which can take place near the home. This along with increasing costs and scarcity of open lands, make the problem of outdoor recreation especially critical in urban and suburban areas. In the west, a solution to scarce neighborhood open space may be found in the multiple use of irrigation canals. This study focuses on Cache Valley; a community of several canals with great potential for recreation and landscape enhancement.