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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



Committee Chair(s)

Max F. Dalby


Max F. Dalby


The writer, in preparing for the recital , was concerned mainly with the following objectives:

1. To improve his own ability to perform well with the vocal instrument.

2. To find new avenues of approach to the problem of teaching correct vocal methods in the classroom.

It is the belief of the writer that if one does not continue to study and learn of the many problems that arise in teaching the vocal art , he will not perform well as a teacher of that, or any, art. The writer is sure that if he had not continued his studies to improve his teaching method and understanding of the problems involved, the amount of improvement in his own work would not have been nearly so noticeable.

The writer keeps thinking of his first few years in the classroom. He realized that his methods and experience at that point had not developed to a degree of adequate performance for classroom instruction. It was this need for more understanding that motivated him to obtain more information about the subject of which was trying to teach. It was this motivation that led to the election of a recital program.