Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



Committee Chair(s)

Alvin Wardle


Alvin Wardle


The candidate selected the recital and recital report as the master's project on the basis that they would effectively improve his musicianship, as well as bolster his teaching background, performance skills, teaching techniques, and general musical knowledge.

The recital included one major work on the B-flat clarinet , an alto saxophone solo, a clarinet quartet, and a woodwind trio. In addition, clarinet and saxophone solos were performed by two of the writer's advanced students. The compositions were chosen because of their musical value and variety.

The performer's experience included nine years of private instruction on the clarinet, eight years of teaching individual clarinet and saxophone, and one year of private instruction on the saxophone. This background experience was an important consideration in the selection of the program.

The candidate considered it advisable 1.0 use four of his private students on the recital in order to demonstrate teaching concepts . Because much of the candidate's future success as a teacher will rely on his mastery as a performer, most of the preparation time was devoted to the performance of the major work for clarinet.

It was the goal of the candidate to realize a rewarding and worthwhile experience both in the preparation and performance of this project. The writer felt the experience was stimulating, as well as cha llenging, and resulted in a sense of personal pride and satisfaction.