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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources

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Lawrence S. Davis


Lawrence S. Davis


Jospeh K. Papenfuss


Michael Wolfe


One consequence of our surging human population is the corresponding increased level of resource consumption. This occurrence renders it imperative that resource managers intensify their management of the world's natural resources. Failure to improve management techniques involving the use of these resources will result in premature depletion of non-renewable commodities and severe checks on the vigor of renewable resources.

Management is faced with the difficult task of searching for astute means of allocating natural resources. Because of the tremendous size and complexity of the natural world, the problem can be extremely complicated.

Mathematical techniques have proved useful in providing natural resource managers with increased competence in decision making. This work illustrates the possibilities of a mathematical decision model for elk and mule deer management on the Cache Big Game Management Unit in northeastern Utah.