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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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William Stull


William Stull


Distributive education is concerned with the preparation of individuals for entry and advancement in careers in marketing and distribution. The field of distribution includes the following 19 occupational specializations:

a. Advertising Services

b. Apparel and Accessories

c. Automotive

d. Finance and Credit

e. Floristry

f. Food Distribution

g. Food Services

h. General Merchandise

i. Hardware, Building Materials, Farm and Gcirden Supplies and Equipment

j. Home Furnishings

k. Hotel and Lodging

I. Industrial Marketing

m. Insurance

n. Personal Services

o . Petroleum

p. Real Estate

q. Recreation and Tourism

r. Transportation

Distributive education is a sub-field of vocational education. Meyers, Crawford, and Klaurens have stated:

Vocational ... conveys the idea that the purpose of the program is to prepare the student for gainful employment in one or more of the occupational clusters; usually in such vocational areas as distribution, health, home economics, related technical or trade, and industrial education.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education