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Susan Grayzel


Susan Grayzel


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The Second World War was a war of stuff and stories. Much of this stuff still exists today in the form of objects, oral histories, and historic places. They remind people of the families from all over the state of Utah who sent sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers to faraway lands to fight for their freedoms. Many of these men did not come home, and those who did return came back with experiences that forever changed them. Objects, stories, and places also show how the war touched those on the home front. Women went to work in the defense industry, manufacturing parachutes that would save lives and bullets that would take them. German and Italian prisoners of war, as well as Japanese Americans, were imprisoned within the borders of the state, some of whom chose to stay in Utah after their eventual release. A military hospital even provided prostheses to servicemen who lost limbs while serving their country. As veterans and others who lived through World War II pass away, their stuff remains to tell their stories.

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