Date of Award


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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Committee Chair(s)

Jake Powell (Committee Chair)


Jake Powell


David Anderson


Shital Poudyal


Utah and the greater Intermountain West are experiencing a water crisis. Many factors are contributing to this situation, including an arid climate exacerbated by climate change, rapid population growth, and a high-water-demanding landscape typology. Landscapes currently consume an estimated 60-80% of Utah’s potable water, representing a significant opportunity for water savings. However, changing the traditional water-dependent landscape typology requires educating the public regarding water-wise landscape design processes, best practices, and implementation approaches. Utah State University is the land grant university for Utah and home to one of the oldest Landscape Architecture departments in the Intermountain West. Utah State University’s community outreach program is carried out by Utah State University Extension. This organization provides high-quality education for the community’s benefit and use. Utah State University, in conjunction with the USU Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department, created a course to teach community members about water-wise landscape design. The course was made available in Spring 2023 and delivered to 65 participants. The resulting study used participant feedback and course observations to evaluate student learning and help identify areas where the course could be improved. Based on this evaluation, suggestions were provided, and supplemental course content was created for incorporation into future course revisions.