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Habits of Mind: Designing Courses for Student Success


Julia M. Gossard & Chris Babits


Utah State University

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How many ways can sticky notes—branded as Post-it Notes and introduced in 1980 by 3M—be used by college students? According to the undergraduate who investigated this topic, 31. In the report she produced as a result of a study conducted in English 3470: Approaches to Research in English Studies, the researcher found that “many stationery products have died with advancements in technology, but the Post-it Note has thrived and continues to play a role in productivity in the workplace, continuing at the top of the supply list” (Eralie, 2019). To come to this magic number of 31, Megan conducted a case study and used tools such as a Qualtrics survey. She shared the results with the campus community through a poster during the annual Student Research Symposium (Eralie, 2019). Megan did not arrive in class thinking, “Oh, I’m going to focus on uses of sticky notes for my project”; the topic came to the forefront when I noticed that Megan had what I thought was an atypical way to store information from class lectures—on sticky notes, which could then be organized and re-organized easily, as she pointed out to me. This was an analog strategy for a digital native.


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