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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


By examining the past and present forms of landscape designs, this report will establish a basis to understand one of the core elements of the Landscape Architecture profession. Using the land as a medium for expressing ones art and passions has been used for centuries. Fletcher Steele, Robert Smithson, Alan Sonfist, and George Hargreaves are all designers which have used land as a vital part for the creation of their designs and/or environmental art pieces. They all, in their own way, have been instrumental in how contemporary designers use and understanding of the land has changed and evolved over time. Through the analysis of visual elements of particular projects from each of these designers, this report will compare and contrast each of their approaches to design. It will also look at the philosophical underpinnings that these artists have about using the land and how they manifest in their designs. Although very different from traditional mediums, artists and landscape architects using the land are following the basic principles of design and visual elements that are part of any design.



Faculty Mentor

Caroline Lavoie

Departmental Honors Advisor

Michael Timmons