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Female patterns of speech communication including expression of empathy, sharing similar experiences, and asking further questions were compared to typical male patterns of communication in gender attraction. Self-report methods were employed in the administration of the Attractive Communication Styles Survey and the Conversation Survey Questionnaire. With a convenience sample of 164, both survey instruments assessed for differences of attraction between the two conversation styles. Analyses revealed both males and females valuing the typical female pattern of communication, but differed in the intensity of support with females strongly favoring and males slightly favoring the female pattern (6.350(72) = x, p < .01; 13.811(90) = x, p < .01). However, both males and females exhibited statistical differences in all their responses for the female pattern, except when asked which they were attracted to the most romantically (p = .064). Implications for further research on the actual dyadic interaction effects on attraction are supported.

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Scott C. Bates

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Scott C. Bates