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Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences


The proper formation of gametes is critical for the propagation of species and for the fertility of the individual. The molecular pathways involved in gamete formation remains elusive, therefore, identification of genes involved is an important prerequisite to further our understanding of reproduction. This research will improve infertility treatments and prevention methods in animals and humans. We created mutants that lacked AP-2�� transcription factor after the mouse had entered meiosis and initiated folliculogenesis. The AP-2�� mutants were still fertile and phenotypically similar to normal mice that expressed AP-2�� transcription factor. We also produced mutants that lacked AP-2�� transcription factor during embryonic development at embryonic day 6.5. These mutants resulted in disrupted formation of primordial germ cells, during development. There were no germ cells present in AP-2�� mutants. This data shows that AP-2�� transcription factor is needed during embryonic germ cell development and may be involved in the migration, differentiation, and production of primordial germ cells.

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Stanly D. Illa