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Using a comparative case study design, this paper explores the impacts of two technology-related professional development (TTPD) designs, aimed at helping teachers design classroom activities using the wealth of resources available on the Internet. The case study is part of a larger mixed-method study involving 36 teachers and over 1,200 students. Using the lens of curricular adaption, we analyzed the experiences of two teachers from each of the two TTPD designs in terms of the kinds of instructional activities teachers designed, how these were supported with online resources, and teachers’ perceptions of impact on student learning. Findings suggested that participants used a variety of personally relevant design strategies when applying TTPD concepts to their contexts. In particular, the teachers discussed how they tailored instruction to fit student needs and their interests, and how they incorporated instructional games, simulations, and interactive resources to enhance motivation and provide self-paced instruction. Finding also helped clarify results from the quantitative study by highlighting differences between the designed artifacts and subsequent classroom implementations.



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