The purpose of this study was to match records of infants with permanent hearing loss from the New York Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Information System (NYEHDI-IS) to records of infants with permanent hearing loss receiving early intervention services from the New York State Early Intervention Program (NYSEIP) to identify areas in the state where hearing screening, diagnostic evaluations and referrals to the NYSEIP were not being made or documented in a timely manner. Data from 2014-2016 NYEHDI-IS and NYEIS information systems were matched using The Link King. There were 274 infants documented in NYEIS Information System as receiving early intervention services but did not have documentation of failed hearing screening (n=103) or a diagnostic evaluation confirming hearing loss (n=171) in NYEHDI-IS. There were 40 infants with hearing loss in NYEHDI-IS who were not referred to NYSEIP, and 19 of these infants’ providers documented in NYEHDI-IS that a referral to NYSEIP was made. The results from these analyses were used to direct targeted technical assistance to audiologists to educate them about the importance of early identification and referral and the reporting requirements to the New York State Department of Health with the goal of improving NYSEIP and the NYEHDI Program.