Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify current pediatric tele-audiology hearing technology platforms for young children with hearing loss and their families.

Method: An exploratory, descriptive design was used to evaluate features of available pediatric tele-audiology platforms for parents and audiologists to implement for young children. The study explored internet resources including hearing industry websites, for information related to specific eHealth platform features designed to support pediatric hearing devices currently available to audiologists and families.

Results: Of the websites reviewed, only four major technology companies were found to have pediatric tele-audiology ready platforms designed to support young children and their families.

Conclusions: Tele-audiology technology platforms for young children are available but limited in comparison to what may be available to older children and adults. A need for more consistency across platforms was identified based on the inconsistent features observed in the available platforms that could be hinderance to pediatric recipients of tele-audiology services. Future research directions to move eHealth applications forward and determine efficacy are discussed.