Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence

Welcome to the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence--a publication of Academic and Instructional Services at Utah State University in connection with its Empowering Teaching Excellence faculty development program. See https://empowerteaching.usu.edu. The intent of this journal is to benefit faculty who teach by providing a place where they can share their ideas, practices, and research around teaching. The intended audience includes faculty and professionals at all institutions who teach, develop instruction, and conduct research related to teaching in higher education.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 (2018) Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2018



The Relative Influence of Instructor Training on Student Perceptions of Online Courses and Instruction
Mary Bowne, Melissa Wuellner, Lisa Madsen, Jessica R. Meendering, and John Howard

Cover of the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, Fall 2018 issue. Cover art features a high-level view of a group of 6 college-age students, male and female, sitting in a circle in a library setting. Two are collaborating. Two are reading books. One is using a laptop. Another is using a phone.