Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence

Aims & Scope


The Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and best practices in the field of higher education instruction. Our goal is to empower higher education professionals, including tenure and non-tenure track faculty, instructional designers, librarians, graduate teaching assistants, and graduate instructors, to improve student engagement, learning evaluation, instructional design strategies, and technology implementation in their teaching practice.


The journal publishes original research, case studies, review articles, and other scholarly works that contribute to the understanding of teaching excellence and its impact on student learning in higher education. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Student engagement
  • Teaching and learning evaluation
  • Instructional design strategies
  • Content, resources, and tools
  • Technology implementation reviews
  • Teaching book reviews


The ETE journal targets higher education professionals who engage in the design and practice of instruction. This includes tenure and non-tenure track faculty who teach, instructional designers, librarians, graduate teaching assistants, graduate instructors and other instructional professionals.


The ETE Journal publishes concise and easily accessible articles and reviews, designed to be read and understood in 30 minutes or less. All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process conducted by university faculty and instructional design professionals. Recommendations and prescriptions are grounded in scholarship and practice. Submissions encourage further community discussion.

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All papers must be submitted via the online system. The word count should typically be no more than 8000 words, and titles should be limited to 15 words.