Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence



The full-length Fall 2023 issue (Volume 7, Issue 2) of the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence

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The Fall 2023 issue presents research and guidance on topics related to educational adaptation. The first article by C. Farrell describes an adaptation of the interteaching method to the hybrid delivery method. The second article by C. C. Loose and R. Jagielo-Manion describes a study of modules on personalized learning to preservice teachers and its impact on their comfort level and preparation to implement personalized learning in their classrooms. The third article by B. Bean presents a case study in which students in an introductory data science course are asked to complete a reproducible final project, with proposed adaptations for non-data-science courses. The fourth article by K. Klein et al. reports the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of traditional and active lecture methods in higher education using a multiple group convergent parallel mixed method design. The final article by S. L. Brosi et al., provides a book review of Rural Education in America, What Works for Our Students, Teachers, and Communities, by G. Marietta and S. Marietta.



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